Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I'd like to start off my blog post by pointing out every flaw I have:

- Muffin top
- Psoriasis on my scalp (not dandruff, BIG difference), elbows and knee
- Fat all over - stomach, inner thighs, back, chin, etc.
- Blackheads GALORE
- Hairy arms and legs
- Random black hairs that grow below my chin
- Flat butt
- Loud voice
- Bad at math
- Weak
- Size 22

There are more, but I can't think of anything else. Now, I want to point out every perfection I have:

- Loving heart
- Caring soul
- Beautiful green eyes
- Nice breasts (Hey, it's true!)
- Sexy legs
- Luscious hair
- Writing skills are on point
- Drawing is a forte
- Great at driving (This one is for you men who think otherwise)
- Straight teeth (Thank you braces)
- Healthy
- Opinionated and not afraid to tell it
- Cute feet
- Nice eyebrows
- Makeup skills are also on point
- Morals that practically make me a nun

So now that I've pointed out the good and the bad, what outweighs the other? The good. Just like everything in life, good overcomes bad. You see it everywhere, whether it be in a superhero movie, or through a real-life decision. I was going to make a lighter and more fun blog post, but I was feeling very upset with my body tonight, and after venting to my best friend Lis about it, she sparked something in me. She told me that God sees each and every one of us human beings as perfect, and I realized that not only God sees me as perfect, my future husband does.

Do you think he will care about those random hairs that grow below my chin? No.
Do you think he will care about the fact that I have a loud voice? No.
Do you think he will care about the fact that I have a flat butt? No.
Do you think he will care about my muffin top? No.
Do you think he will care about the psoriasis on those target areas? No.
Do you think he will care about my hairy arms and legs? No.
Do you think he will care about the massive amount of blackheads I have? No.
Do you think he will care about the fact that I can't do math to save my life? No.
Do you think he will care about the fact that I have fat all over my body? No.
Do you think he will care about the fact that I am weak? No.
and Do you think he will care about the fact that I am a size 22? NO. NO. NO.

If I know anything about my future husband, its that he loves me for me. He loves my curvy body. He loves my hypnotizing green eyes, my hair, my feet, my hands, my arms, my legs, my heart, my soul, EVERYTHING.

Now I want to go back to my size. This is the first time I have EVER told anyone my size. I used to be ashamed of it. I used to wish I never gained my weight. Society's norm of skinny girls decked out with over-sized wings, a bra and panties are what guys see. I used to think I would NEVER make friends, never feel loved, etc.

But I'm here to tell you that I love my body. This self-image I have is special to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way. When ever someone asks me, "Emmy Jo, if you could go back in time, what would you change about yourself?" And the first thing that always comes to my mind is my weight. But I end up saying that I would change nothing, because this weight made me who I am today: my spunky, golden-hearted, fun-loving, mother hen self. And I am so proud of myself.

Self-image, even in the size 2 girls, is so important. If you're too skinny, it's unattractive. If you're too fat, it's unattractive. If you have a bit of a pudgy stomach, it's unattractive. If you have small breasts, it's unattractive.


The world needs a wake-up call. Every girl is so beautiful, and every guy is so handsome. Self-image needs to be promoted more positively than pointing out every flaw a girl has.

Pass it on! Let others know that they are beautiful/handsome! Because even though this post doesn't go into this detail, men have self-image issues, too. Show 'em some love! <3

To my future husband : You're handsome. You're perfect. You're everything I ever wanted. THANK YOU for being you.

To my girl friends: You are all SO beautiful. Don't doubt it, don't deny it. You are beautiful.

To my guy friends : You are extremely handsome. Your future wife will be happy to love you!

To my mom and sister : You're both SO beautiful, and I'll try to listen more often.

To my best friend Lis: Shut up, you're stunning. Thanks for inspiring this post. ;)


Emmy Jo


  1. This is probably the greatest thing I have ever read.

  2. Amazing Emmy! :) You're quite the inspiration <3

    1. Thank you Melodie! You are too :) <3

  3. Beautiful words and a beautiful person!!! You're courage is inspiring! We're running a BeYOUtiful campaign in April...you'll have to get involved!!!

    1. Thank you so much!! I believe I have talked to Rain about it! :)

  4. Great Job Emmy. You are awesome. You inspired me. Keep it up.

  5. This is a great post, Emmy. We need more writing on this subject in our culture to counteract the pervasive body shaming in our media. I blogged about women's bodies and how we should value them last summer. Check it out if you'd like: http://mamabodies.blogspot.com/2013/06/mother-bellies.html

  6. I will definitely check that out! Thank you Dr. Brown. :)