Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Story for Media Writing - August 31

It was a bright and sunny day, and like every sunny day, Titty Boy and Freaky parlayed at the park. They would go to the park to partake in herbal medication, a past time passed down through both of their bloodlines.

Titty Boy and Freaky had their usual spot - a secluded rock formation that was hidden from any security cameras in the park or buildings surrounding the park. As the years have passed, Titty Boy grew tired of this past time in their family. He developed a strong dislike for the herbal medication and started a newer tradition - harder and stronger medications.

"What is up with you and these snacks," Freaky asked? "I'm getting worried about you - worried about your cholesterol."

"I can't stop," said Titty, "The way I feel when I eat the Kit Kat - it just makes me sooo happy."

"But what are you gonna do now that you can't get them in Winchester."

"Well, I guess we go on a road trip."

The duo pile up a weeks worth of munchies, 2 suitcases, a blow up mattress, and a german shepherd Titty stole from the park, into Freaky's Cobalt and headed to California. Because it was a bloodline tradition, Titty and Freaky participated in herbal medication on the road, but this time Kevin snuck some she-she in the medicine.

Titty Boy and Freaky drove across the country, avoiding any interstate to see everything that the United States has to offer. The she-she turned out to be a better alternative to the herbal medication that Titty Boy had not altered. Titty Boy, Freaky, and Kevin made it to California and made it big as rappers known as the Remy Boys, who continue to partake in herbal medications while creating new alternatives to the original family style.