Saturday, June 27, 2015

Equality for All! (And the Controversy that Comes With It)

I've been reading so many positive posts about the Supreme Court's decision yesterday morning, which I was fortunate enough to witness and feel the waves of emotion from people who can finally call their partner house spouses (thanks Tumblr!). I am so happy about that! As a straight woman, I have friends who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc. and I support them all. But with the "good"(good being my opinion and others that I agree with) posts, comes the "bad"... (Bad being opinions different from mine.)

I don't care what religion/political party you are... Yes, you DO have freedom of religion and the right to a differing opinion. Maybe Christianity (and other religions?) goes against same-sex marriage according to the bible (Which, in case we all forgot, was written by man, not Jesus Christ.). But, mind you, the Supreme Court did NOT decide to force churches into marrying same-sex couples against their will. Churches still have the power to deny same-sex couples from getting married in their respective churches. They did, however, make it illegal for states to deny any same-sex couple a *state-issued* marriage license. That license has nothing to do with any church or any specific person other than the people getting the license.

The Supreme Court, I believe, made a right decision toward true progression in the United States of America. Marriage has millions of definitions, good and bad. (Emmy what are you talking about?!) Okay, hear me out. Or read me out. Anyway, almost EVERYONE wants to get married someday. Marriage to me means staying with my first husband until the day I or he dies, and having a best friend bond and still bang him every night(sorry family reading this!). Some people want to marry so they can finally have sex (Go virgins waiting until marriage!) with their one and only partner and have that spiritual bond. Some people want to marry because the woman is pregnant. Or families force a young woman to marry an older man as part of a culture. There are so many reasons as to why people get married. (Wanted) Marriage is such a beautiful connection with someone you love with your whole heart. I admit that I have taken the privilege of getting married for granted. When I was introduced to the marriage equality fight, I wholeheartedly agreed to fight for it. Why should you let a religion or mere book written thousands of years ago tell you that two people can't get married today?

I find this very confusing as a quasi-Christian myself. I went to Christian schools(pre.k-12) all of my life up to college, and even my college is affiliated with a denomination of Christianity. To some extent, I am religious. But I haven't been to church since my high school baccalaureate ceremony. Regardless, I am merely explaining that I can see both sides, just without much remembrance of the bible.

I have read many people getting angry at others for their opinions. That's not what I'm trying to do here! I'm not writing this to bash the people who didn't want the Supreme Court to rule the way they did. I would really like people who are against same-sex marriage, or MARRIAGE, to really read this. I just have so many questions. Why shouldn't two people get married if they love each other? I understand not getting married in a church because of conflicting religious beliefs, but obtaining a marriage license shouldn't be allowed either?

So I respect all negative opinions, but if you're against marriage between two loving human beings, stick with what gender you're attracted to, ignore what just happened at the Supreme Court, and go on with your life. Don't ruin someone's else's happiness of being able to marry their soulmate. If you have differing opinions than I, please read these words and really think about what you're preaching when you say that marriage between two people of the same gender is bad. This world should and NEEDS be filled with more love than hate. #LOVEWINS